Even though smartphone batteries have become significantly more powerful over the past couple of years, the issue of quickly discharging smartphones is still quite acute. Samsung seems to want to tackle the problem of recharging smartphones in a whole new, innovative way.

A patent application from Samsung has appeared on the network for a special ring that is worn on a finger and recharges your smartphone while you use it.

Samsung patented a ring that will charge your smartphone

There is a magnetic disk inside the ring, which moves along an axis during a person’s movement. This process generates electricity by turning the ring into a mini generator. The ring “absorbs” the heat of the human finger, which also helps generate electricity.

Samsung patented a ring that will charge your smartphone

If necessary, the user can activate the ring and use it to charge his smartphone. At this time, the finger with the ring should be where the wireless charging coil is located.

So far, this is just a patent, and it is far from the fact that Samsung will ever begin mass production of this accessory.




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