As we reported earlier, in the first half of the month, an American court found Samsung guilty of violating Solas OLED patents. The lawsuit was filed in September 2019. As a result, the jury ordered Samsung to pay Solas OLED $ 62.7 million in compensation for willful infringement of patents # 7446338 and # 9256311, issued to Solas OLED by the US Patent Office.

Samsung has challenged the validity of the second of the aforementioned patents at the Patent Office. It describes a flexible touch sensor that is wrapped around the edge of the display. According to Samsung, since the flexible touch sensor is already known, the innovation cannot be patented due to its “obviousness”. The objection was upheld, so Samsung would not have to pay $ 35.4 million of the above amount. It is unclear whether Samsung has filed a similar complaint regarding the second patent, which accounts for the remainder of the compensation, or $ 27.3 million.

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