The authoritative network whistleblower known as Ice Universe announced in April this year that Samsung will release 600-megapixel sensors in the future that will surpass the capabilities of the human eye. Now the source confirmed that such a sensor is indeed in development.

Ice Universe data has been repeatedly confirmed – the informant clearly has contacts close to the South Korean company’s development department. In particular, the source was the first to publish real images of the Galaxy S20 and many other reliable information, so his words definitely deserve attention.

The above image shows how much space a 600-megapixel photo module on a smartphone could take: 12% of the rear panel area. The camera unit would protrude 22 mm above the smartphone’s back panel if Samsung didn’t change the fundamentally existing technology.

But it should be said that now there is a tendency to reduce the size of the photosensitive elements of Quad Bayer matrices to 0.7 microns, so this will already reduce the matrix area by 1.3 times. Moreover, Samsung will somehow use the next generation ISOCELL technology in the sensor, which supposedly will significantly reduce the physical size of the lens.


One way or another, but smartphones with such cameras are unlikely to hit the market next year. After a 108MP sensor, Samsung is expected to offer a 192MP camera for smartphones. Let’s see if the company’s engineers will be able to implement the matrix and lens in physical dimensions acceptable for manufacturers and consumers of smartphones.

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