Smartphone manufacturers are constantly increasing the capacity of their batteries. However, the performance of mobile devices is growing along the way, as well as their appetite. Many users carry power banks with them to not be left without communication at the wrong time. However, Samsung has decided to save smartphone owners from carrying a weighty “brick” with them. The company has patented a smartphone charging ring that can be worn on the finger.

The rather compact ring fits directly onto the finger. However, the device is not just a tiny battery, as one might think. It has a tiny generator built into it that produces current as it spins on a finger.

However, this is not all. According to the patent, the device will be able to convert human body heat into electricity. Of course, the ring will also house a small battery designed to store the generated energy before transferring it to the smartphone. The device will charge the phone when the user holds the device with the finger on which the accessory is placed against the wireless charging coil.

It is worth noting that at the moment, this is just a patent, and it may take a long time before the finished device comes to the market. Samsung still needs to solve a lot of technical nuances associated, first of all, with the size of the components used.

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