Samsung has announced a new update for its Samsung Internet 13.0 web browser. The new version will provide even more functions for comfortable and safe surfing the Internet.

Briefly about the changes. The updated Samsung Internet 13.0 will show a warning message when entering a malicious site. Also, the browser has a so-called “secret mode.” It will automatically clear the message history as soon as all tabs open in this mode are closed.

Samsung introduced an updated browser Samsung Internet 13.0

Here are some more new features:

  • High Contrast mode with Dark Theme enabled to highlight fonts and other components.
  • Expandable Bookmarks, Saved Pages, History, and Downloads panel.
  • The ability to hide the status bar.
  • The ability to pause playback while watching a video in full-screen mode using Video Assistant by double-tapping the screen’s center.
  • Easy editing of bookmark titles for easier searching.




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