For years, specifications and images of new Apple and Samsung devices have often leaked online long before the official announcement. Recently it became known that Apple will force its employees to wear “police grade” body cameras. This should reduce the leakage of confidential information. Now there is information that Samsung is going to firmly suppress information leaks.

Samsung yesterday began the process of removing images and videos from unannounced devices that are copyrighted. Insiders reported that images and videos of new Samsung devices previously published on their pages on social networks have already begun to be removed and “that this is just the beginning.” At the same time, reputable network informers have already confirmed that they will not leave leaks on their pages.

Samsung has decided to stop information leaks, published materials are already being deleted

In addition, Samsung has issued an official warning to its supplier partners to prevent new products from being leaked. The South Korean company is also looking for people who leak information.

The company will also pay more attention to information security and data protection.

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