Samsung has patented the design of three more smartphones equipped with flexible displays. Information about the devices is published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

According to the resource LetsGoDigital, one of the devices is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold. The device is provided with a three-section screen with two bending lines: a large central area and side zones that are half the size. The left and right sides, when folded, will cover the center so that the entire screen will be inside the case.

Another option is a smartphone with a three-section flexible Z-shaped display. In this version, when folded, one of the screen parts will be outside, which will allow you to interact with the gadget without opening it.

Finally, the third patented device resembles the Galaxy Z Flip, but with two curved lines. In such a device, the display sections will be folded inside the case.


All the proposed options for flexible smartphones provide for the presence of a quadruple main camera. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when the constructive solutions described in the patents can be implemented in commercial devices.

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