The chief executive of Samsung Electro-Mechanics said the company is developing a metalens, also known as a super lens. This lens appears to be flat, but it has nanoparticles on its surface that allow light to be refracted. The principle of operation is similar to the Fresnel lens, while it is much thinner.

Samsung said that this technology makes the lenses of smartphones much thinner than they are today. When the technology reaches the commercialization stage and becomes available to manufacturers, they can reduce the thickness of smartphones or eliminate the camera block protrusion.

Samsung has announced super lenses that will reduce the thickness of smartphones

At the 2021 Nano Korea conference in Seoul, Lee Shi-woo, senior vice president and director of the Samsung Electronics Institute for Corporate Research, said the company is studying a method for applying nanoparticles to lenses and is trying to launch the technology into production.

He also commented on the company’s success in creating multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). According to him, the company believes that they need to study nanostructures in order to make the capacitors thinner.

Super lenses range in thickness from hundreds of nanometers to micrometers. Thus, they are much thinner and lighter than modern solutions.

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