Samsung Electronics released today the main indicators of the financial report for the first quarter of this year. Judging by them, in general, the company is doing very well: operating profit compared to the same quarter last year increased by 44.19% – up to 8.3 billion US dollars. Total sales also increased by 17.48% to $ 58 billion. However, not all Samsung divisions generate the same profit.

Samsung has a big plus on the Galaxy S21 and other smartphones.  The company's quarterly operating profit increased by 44%

The mobile division has done a great job, with the Galaxy S21 lineup selling far better than its predecessors. Analysts expect this division of the Korean company to contribute approximately US $ 3.5 billion to the total. The TV and home appliance businesses also performed well amid renewed consumer demand. The SoCs and GPUs division is not so successful: it is also profitable, but margins are declining. This was influenced by the high operating costs of the 5nm process technology, and even the recent power outage at Samsung’s plant in Austin (Texas, USA). However, prices for memory microcircuits are growing, and here the semiconductor division of Samsung has a reserve for improving performance.

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