While Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra clearly cannot claim the title of the best camera phone, the specialists of the Phone Arena resource decided to take one of the best devices on the market and compare it with a mirrorless camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. mirrorless camera.  Is the smartphone able to compete with the Panasonic GH4?

In this case, the opponents are Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Panasonic GH4, the review of which is on our website. So, is a flagship smartphone with one of the best cameras at the moment able to compete with a mirrorless camera, which, however, came out seven years ago?

As you can see, it is quite capable, but, of course, there are a number of reservations. First, the post-processing is immediately striking. Pictures from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and indeed from modern smartphones, go through many stages of processing, due to which the picture usually becomes richer and more pleasing to the eye of an ordinary user. Whether it is good or not is a question that does not have an unambiguous answer.

Also, the smartphone performs better in low light. There is more noise, but the picture also contains much more information if we are talking about night mode.

But shooting in portrait mode, of course, is better with a mirrorless camera. Here and the bokeh is much more natural, and the detail is better.

As a result, we can state that modern top-end camera phones are quite capable of competing with mirrorless cameras in a number of scenarios, although here, of course, it is worth discussing with which mirrorless cameras, since they can also be based on completely different sensors. In addition, the camera requires interchangeable lenses to fully equate its capabilities with the capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. With these lenses available, of course, the camera will often be preferred.

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