Samsung will likely not include chargers with the upcoming Galaxy S21 series, although it has previously criticized Apple for a similar move. All iPhone 12 models and other Apple smartphones sold (iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE) do not ship with power adapters or headphones. The Cupertino giant claims to have taken this step to reduce carbon emissions and e-waste.

The Galaxy S21 (codenamed SM-G991B / DS), Galaxy S21 Plus (SM-G996B / DS), and Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G998B / DS) have been reportedly certified by the Brazilian telecommunications agency ANATEL. And according to the documentation, the new smartphones will ship without chargers.

While Samsung couldn’t help but criticize Apple for removing the chargers from the iPhone box, there have been rumors that the South Korean giant was planning to do the same for months. History seems to be repeating itself: when Apple removed the headphone jack from iPhones in 2017, the Korean company made fun of it, but did the same with its flagship phones in 2019.

Removing the headphone and power adapter from the smartphone package allows manufacturers to offset some of the increased costs associated with producing high-end smartphones: for example, adding 5G components and using drivers that support high refresh rates. But as with Apple, it will be publicly marketed as an environmentally friendly move.


One rumor even claimed that wired headphones would not be included with the Galaxy S21 either, but perhaps Samsung will offer a wireless headset instead.

Other smartphone makers are likely to follow the lead of Apple and Samsung. Interestingly, the Brazilian consumer protection agency recently urged Apple to reconsider its decision to remove chargers from the iPhone box. French law requires companies to include headphones with their mobile phones. It is not yet clear if other countries will counter this new trend.

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