Chinese sources today revealed that the South Korean tech giant will relaunch the Galaxy Note series of smartphones next year.

In March, Samsung Electronics CEO Dong-jin Koh announced that the company would not be releasing new Galaxy Note devices this year. He added that the company changed the release schedule for new models in the line, but did not abandon it.

Samsung Galaxy Note will restart next year

He later confirmed that the company had abandoned the idea of ​​launching a new Galaxy Note in 2021 due to a “serious imbalance” in the semiconductor industry around the world. Simply put, there simply would not be enough components for a new smartphone.

S Pen support was added to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra this year, but unlike the Galaxy Note, the new Galaxy S21 Ultra does not have an S Pen storage slot, nor does it support Bluetooth functionality. This continues to differentiate the Galaxy Note from the S Pen-enabled Samsung Galaxy flagships.

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