The housing meets the degree of protection IPX7. Headphones will go on sale on February 5 for EUR 229!

Samsung claims the Galaxy Buds Pro has new functionality while retaining a sleek and stylish look. Support for 360 Audio surround sound technology with Dolby Head Tracking technology is declared. Headphones are 20% recycled /

Equipped with an 11mm woofer for deep bass and a 6.5mm tweeter for richer treble, the new Galaxy Buds Pro delivers great sound.

An advanced 3-microphone system with a bone conduction vibration sensor ensures clear voice transmission, separating it from background noise. Wind Shield technology is also announced to protect against wind noise. The special design helps to make the voice clearer even in strong winds.

Samsung talks about the most intelligent active noise canceling system ever used in TWS headphones. The background noise can be reduced by 99%, and the Ambient Sound mode lets you hear what is happening around you.

The earbuds can automatically switch from your Galaxy smartphone to your Galaxy tablet based on usage without switching manually. When fully charged, they can play up to 8 hours in playback mode, and when using the case with wireless charging function, the autonomy of the headphones can be extended by another 20 hours. If you use a noise reduction system, this time is reduced to 5 and 13 hours. Just 5 minutes of charging is enough for an hour of use.

The housing meets the degree of protection IPX7. The headphones will go on sale on February 5 for 229 euros; they are relied on as a gift for pre-ordering the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was also announced today.

Source: Samsung

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