Samsung announced that it, together with Tinkoff and Mastercard, has created a special card that allows its holders to receive significant discounts when purchasing products from the Korean giant.

The card is available in both debit and credit versions. It allows you to get a 20% discount on Samsung products and up to 30% cashback for everyday purchases.

Samsung and Tinkoff launched a co-branded card with large cashback and discounts

More specifically, the holder can expect a 20-45% discount on various products, including smartphones, TVs, home appliances, and so on. But for this, it is necessary to make purchases from this card for at least 30,000 rubles per month for three months.

Also, for every 100 rubles spent by the cardholder in the official online and physical stores of Samsung, a bonus cashback of 3% will be credited. 2% cashback can be obtained for purchases in pharmacies, restaurants and gas stations, and for other purchases it will be 1%. With the returned bonuses, it will be possible to pay in full or in part for a purchase in Samsung stores in the amount of 2,000 rubles or more.

Also, maps are part of the Tinkoff ecosystem. That is, holders have access to up to 700,000 rubles for credit cards and up to 30% cashback for purchases within the ecosystem and from its partners.

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