The mobile computer market has fully recovered from several years of stagnation and declining revenue as the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered “a new level of short-term demand with long-term implications,” according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. Thanks to the benefits of telecommuting, hybrid work environments — that is, combining work from the office and from home — will become more prevalent in the post-pandemic than before, analysts said, resulting in relatively stable demand for “mobile computing.” Let’s clarify that the latter in Strategy Analytics means tablets and laptops.

Sales of tablets and laptops are up 25% last year and are up 17% this year

Demand for these devices remains high as the pandemic is not over yet and supply chain problems have created pent-up demand. And although growth will soon give way to recession, the recession will be short-lived. In the medium term, the market will continue to grow. In particular, the transition to Windows 11 is expected to contribute to this. Between 2020 and 2025, the mobile computing market will grow from $ 197 billion to $ 241 billion.

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