The Korean concern Hyundai is known not only for its democratic cars, but also for household appliances and electronics. Today the company launched the Russian sales of a new line of TVs running the domestic operating system Salyut TV, developed by the SberDevices team, which is part of the Sberbank financial conglomerate.

Salyut TV provides users with a proprietary intelligent content recommendation system, three voice assistants at once (Sber, Athena and Joy), as well as many of its own services. At the moment, SberMegaMarket has three TVs from Hyundai. They all have 4K screens with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Base model Hyundai H-LED43FU7004 diagonal 43 inch offered at a price of 27,990 rubles. Next comes the 65-inch TV H-LED65FU7002 for 59,990 rubles and, finally, the top model Hyundai H-LED75FU7002 with a 75-inch screen, available at the price of 81,990 rubles. Meanwhile, Rostec and Art. Lebedev Studio are working on the super-traffic light of the future.


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