Apple introduced macOS Monterey. Here’s what’s new.

Some of the chips were dragged from iOS 15: improved FaceTime with the ability to share the screen, simultaneously listen to music and watch movies with friends, “Focus” mode, and so on. We talked about iOS 15 in more detail in a separate article.

Another feature of the system is “Universal Control”, which allows you to control others with the help of one device. For example, there is a MacBook and iPad next to your iMac, you can move one cursor across all devices, drag and drop files and control applications.

And another update that underlines the superiority of the Apple ecosystem is AirPlay for Mac. You can play videos or music on your Mac seamlessly by simply selecting it as the device to play on your iPhone or iPad. But using a Mac as an additional monitor doesn’t seem to work.

The Safari browser has been seriously redesigned: a new look for tabs, search bars and other elements. Moreover, the sidebar will adjust to the color of the open page – it will be practically invisible. In iOS 15, the browser was also changed: a full-screen mode appeared for convenient one-handed operation.

MacOS Monterey also introduces the Commands app, allowing you to create commands and quick actions.

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