Roskomnadzor is not going to slow down Google traffic, since the fine is enough. It is reported by Interfax with reference to the head of department Andrey Lipov. He is of the same opinion about slowing down Facebook:

There must be a balance in everything. If the threats that will come from a particular social network exceed the benefits of this social network, then more radical measures will be applied to them. Today we believe that there are enough fines for now.

Andrey Lipov

Head of Roskomnadzor

What fines are we talking about?

Apparently, we are talking about the fines that the Tagansky District Court of Moscow issued the day before yesterday in relation to Google and Facebook:

Google was fined 6 million, and Facebook – 26 million rubles.

Why did Twitter slow down?

In fact, the logic of Roskomnadzor is very difficult to understand. The agency slowed down the service, but only on mobile platforms, since only mobile operators and some large providers have the necessary technical means of countering threats (TSPU). Therefore, for many, Twitter works on the desktop without problems.

A similar story would have happened to Google. And the impossibility of a complete slowdown would have played badly on the reputation of Roskomnadzor.

In addition, according to a representative of the department, the precedent with Twitter still led to the fact that other companies began to delete content prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is not clear how these words relate to what Roskomnadzor a couple of days ago called Google the most persistent violator of the agency’s requirements, leaving 20 to 30% of the content:

It is also unclear why the representatives of the department did not give the exact figure. Therefore, there is an assumption that the department changed their minds, because the slowdown of Google will lead to the failure of a very large part of the Internet. For example, a lot of fonts are stored on the company’s servers, and the reCAPTCHA service is also owned by Google. And these are just two of the most obvious examples.

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