The Yandex team announced the launch of a new feature in the Yandex Go service. From today, July 7, 2021, Yandex Go has the opportunity to rent electric scooters.

Rent of electric scooters started working in Yandex Go

Ninebot Max Plus electric scooters in the recognizable bright yellow color of the service can be booked in the Yandex Go app and picked up at city parking lots.

At first, Yandex Go electric scooters will be available in Moscow. They will gradually begin to appear in different areas of the capital. At the time of launch – in the Khamovniki, Yakimanka and Arbat districts. By the end of July, it is planned to be available within the third transport ring and in some areas outside of it.

Rent of electric scooters started working in Yandex Go

You can ride Yandex electric scooters at speeds up to 20 km / h. In addition, a special algorithm will reduce the speed of the scooter when there are many people around and in certain areas, for example, in parks, to 15 or 10 km / h. The density of foot traffic, its average speed and the proximity of schools, kindergartens and playgrounds are taken into account.

You can book a scooter by clicking the “City” button on the main Yandex Go screen. You can use scooters from the age of 18. The reservation will cost 50 rubles, rates – from 6 rubles per minute.

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