Renesas Electronics will resume production at its chip factory, which was damaged by a fire last month, by April 19. This was reported today by the Japanese newspaper Asahi.

According to Asahi, it will take another two months to bring production at the factory back to pre-fire levels.

Fire at Renesas factory will result in 1.6 million fewer cars produced this quarter than planned

A factory fire in the city of Naka in eastern Japan erupted on March 19. The 300mm wafer semiconductor company mainly manufactures microcontrollers and SoCs for automotive and industrial electronics, as well as for IoT devices. The fire caused the factory to shut down. Later, the manufacturer reported that 23 pieces of equipment were out of order.

The production shutdown has exacerbated the shortage of microcircuits that arose in the world due to the fall and subsequent rapid growth in demand in the context of the pandemic. Automakers suffer the most from the deficit, even forced to stop conveyors.

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