Redmi K30 Ultra Teardown Captured With Redmi K30 Ultra Camera

Xiaomi showed a smartphone from the inside on video

Photos of the disassembly of the Redmi K30 Ultra smartphone have already been published on the Web, but at that time there were not many photos, and even those were used only to compare the Redmi K30 Ultra with the Redmi K30 Pro. This time the company filmed an official disassembly video of the K30 Ultra, it is dedicated exclusively to this model.

It is noteworthy that the video was made on the camera of the Redmi K30 Ultra itself – and I must admit that the smartphone captures well. Inside, key elements like the camera modules and the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ single-chip platform are clearly visible, as well as the huge vapor chamber. Judging by the video, disassembly is not difficult, the main thing is to first heat the smartphone.  

Source: ITHome

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