The high demand for laptops in connection with the shift to remote work, study and entertainment due to the pandemic, which manifested itself in the past year, continues. Last year, the market grew by 20%, which is much higher than in previous years, which were within ± 3%. TrendForce predicts 15% growth this year, resulting in a record high volume of shipments. Analysts expect 236 million laptops to be shipped in just a year. At the same time, the largest growth among brands will be demonstrated by Samsung and Apple.

Record laptop shipments expected this year

Forecast experts have noted an increase in the share of Chromebooks seen in recent years. They expect shipments of Chromebooks to reach a historic peak this year with 47 million units shipped in a year, corresponding to a staggering 50% year-on-year growth. It is noteworthy that in this segment the USA is leading by a colossal margin. This country accounts for 70% of the global demand for Chromebooks. Japan ranks second, but it accounts for only 10% of global demand. The leading brands in this segment are Acer and Samsung.

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