Realme has published a teaser dedicated to smartphones of the new line of Realme GT Master Series. The colorful picture promises as much as 19 GB of RAM, but in fact, the physical RAM, recruited by the corresponding memory chips, will be much less.

Realme GT Master Series is the first smartphone with 19 GB of RAM.  But there is a nuance

Not cheating, but marketing – that’s how you can describe this teaser. The smartphone will have 12 GB of RAM, and the remaining 7 GB will be accounted for by the memory expansion technology – a virtual partition created in the smartphone’s flash memory and acting as RAM. Not only Oppo has this feature, but also Vivo and, more recently, Xiaomi. ZTE promises a smartphone with 20 GB of RAM, but in this case there will be less real RAM (most likely 16-18 GB), and the rest will be in virtual memory.

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