In celebration of World Oceans Day, gamer-focused Razer announced a partnership with ClearBot to cleanse seawater from waste. According to Razer, the partnership, which fits into its 10-year “sustainability” roadmap, “complements the Razer Green Investments vertical, which aims to support environmentally and sustainable startups by providing them with the tools and capabilities they need. which will help you scale. “

ClearBot is developing robots that, using artificial intelligence algorithms, recognize various types of marine plastic waste and collect information about these pollutants in the oceans. Also, ClearBot robots are used to collect marine plastic waste, which is then disposed of.

Razer helps ClearBot improve a robot designed to cleanse the oceans

Through a partnership with ClearBot, Razer’s leading experts personally helped transform the robot prototype into a scalable mass-market product. Using Razer’s experience and manufacturing know-how, ClearBot has been able to improve the robot’s design to make it more efficient. Working on solar energy, the fully automated robot is said to be able to collect up to 250 kg of plastic in one cycle, detecting it at a distance of two meters, even in rough water.

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