In the EU Declaration of Conformity, they found a “live” photo of the next fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

Unfortunately, the bracelet is taken from only one angle and is not very informative. Nevertheless, it gives some idea of ​​the appearance of the novelty.

The model name mentioned in the documents is “XMSH15HM”. Previously, it has already been associated with the Mi Band 6. In general, the new product is very similar to the Mi Band 5. The 2021 model, perhaps, may have a larger display.

Unfortunately, the documents do not reveal important details: specifications, price and launch date. However, the release should be expected soon. After all, the image proves that at least the prototype is ready.

According to rumours, the Mi Band 6 will receive a blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensor, built-in voice assistant, GPS and instant messaging services. The bracelet will cost $40.

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