PsiQuantum, a pioneer in photonic quantum computing, announced a partnership with semiconductor contract manufacturing company Globalfoundries. The subject of cooperation is the creation by 2025 of a photonic quantum computer of 1 million qubits.

PsiQuantum was founded in 2016 by four British university physicists who moved to California and were able to raise $ 215 million in funding for their development. The company’s first quantum computer was named Q-1.

According to PsiQuantum, the capabilities of Globalfoundries factories in the US and Germany are being used to create integrated photonic microcircuits.

PsiQuantum partners with Globalfoundries to build a 1 million qubit photonic quantum computer by 2025

“We are now at a stage where we have overcome critical obstacles to building a quantum computer with a million qubits, the scale required for all known useful commercial applications,” says Jeremy O’Brien, General Manager director of PsiQuantum and professor at the University of Bristol.

PsiQuantum’s choice of photonics allowed quantum computing to be performed at room temperature, which is a significant advantage over electronic systems requiring ultra-low temperatures.

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