Gaming smartphones on productive platforms cost a lot. In the near future, they should have a strong competitor in the form of a full-fledged Project Valhalla portable game console, which costs only $ 200! True, there are nuances here.

Project Valhalla is a handheld game console with a top-end Snapdragon SoC and a price tag of $ 200.  But with nuances

To begin with, the console will be available in a regular version, as well as a Pro modification, which will cost $ 250. In both cases, the heart will be some flagship SoC of the Snapdragon 800 line. The younger version will have 4 GB of RAM, a 60 Hz screen and 64 GB of flash memory, while the older one will receive twice as much memory and a 90 Hz display. The battery capacity will be 5000 mAh.

It looks quite interesting, but now about the nuances. Firstly, the named cost, apparently, will be relevant only within the framework of the crowdfunding campaign, which will start in the near future. Secondly, there is not even the name of the company that is going to release such a product, although you can already look at the prototype.

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