While Huawei is preparing for the announcement of the Watch 3 smartwatch, price data has already appeared on the Web, and for the entire line at once.

According to the source, the base Watch 3 in the UK will cost £ 280-300 depending on the version.

Prices for smartwatches Huawei Watch 3 appeared shortly before the announcement.  For the top version, they will ask for almost $ 700

The Watch 3 Elite will cost 340 pounds, the Watch 3 Pro will have to pay 400 pounds. Well, the top-end Watch 3 Pro Elite will cost buyers a considerable £ 480.

That is, the spread of the price when translated into dollar will be from 395 to 680 dollars. Of course, in China, the novelty will be cheaper, and in a number of other European countries prices are usually slightly lower than in the UK.

Insider Sudhanshu, who has a good reputation, shared the prices. He partly shares information about Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones, which is later confirmed.

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