Microsoft released the Windows 95 operating system more than a quarter of a century ago – August 24, 1995. Today, Windows 95 is 25 years, 7 months and 3 days old. Nevertheless, until now, enthusiasts continue to find previously unknown features in it.

Better late than never: previously unknown Easter egg found in Windows 95

Note that IT companies traditionally like to hide Easter eggs in their products – funny hidden features that may remain unknown for years. And the Windows developers are no exception.

This time, the reverse engineering Windows enthusiast Albacore discovered a Windows 95 Easter egg that had previously eluded public attention. It is located in the Internet Mail mail service, which was later replaced by Outlook Express. If you open the About window, select one of the files and write Mortimer, you will be presented with a scrolling window with a list of developer names, in the style of movie titles.

This feature is not yet described in the list of known Windows 95 Easter eggs in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.

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