Probably the strangest smartphones come with gamers in mind. First, the audience is not very clear. Secondly, it is this niche that has become an outlet in the world of devices that are identical from the face. And, it seems, the most outstanding show-off from now on has become Lenovo, which released Legion Phone Duel 2.


The case when you don’t want to talk about appearance at all. I would like to ask what the designers used to draw this:

The smartphone is designed for horizontal use. The location of the lens and the rear cover, which is split in two, tell us about it. But the front Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 looks slightly archaic:

The smartphone is not small at all: 176 × 78.5 × 9.9 mm. It weighs 259 grams. I don’t remember the heavier devices The Legion Phone Duel 2 features a 6.96-inch AMOLED display manufactured by Samsung E4. Resolution – Full HD +. The refresh rate of the screen is 144 Hz, the frequency of the touch layer is fabulous 720 Hz.

If you are wondering where the front camera is, then now you will definitely ask yourself a question about designers and prohibited substances:

On the same edge where the front camera is located, there are ultrasonic triggers, and on the back panel there are capacitive touch keys:


Well, everything is simple: the smartphone uses the most top-end system-on-a-chip that exists in the Android world at the moment. This is Snapdragon 888. There are three versions of LPDDR5 RAM available to buyers: 12, 16 or 18 GB. Built-in memory like UFS 3.1. The first two versions are supposed to be 256 GB, and the most powerful – 512 GB.

The battery is divided into two separate cells:

The conventional capacity of each is 2750 mAh. Total – 5500 mAh. This separation allows you to use two separate power supplies at once, which gives maximum power with two-wire charging at 90 watts.

A similar story is implemented in ASUS ROG Phone 5, a video about which was recently released on our channel:

But the most surprising thing about smartphones this year is coolers. For example, they are in the ZTE RedMagic 5S:

But unlike ZTE, Lenovo has two coolers. Apparently, there are only two:

Most likely, in this smartphone, as in any other gaming one, there is a camera insofar as you should not expect especially great pictures. But anyway:

  • The wide-angle camera is capable of taking pictures with a resolution of up to 64 megapixels. This camera uses the OmniVision OV64A sensor. Nothing is known about the lens, except for its aperture – f / 1.9;
  • The ultra wide-angle camera captures images with a 123 ° field of view. The resolution is 16 megapixels, and the aperture is f / 2.2;
  • The front camera is capable of producing images with a resolution of up to 44 megapixels. It uses a Samsung GH1 sensor. Aperture – f / 2.0.


The smartphone will go on sale in China by the end of April, and in Europe in May.

  • 12/256 GB – 799 € (approximately 73 thousand rubles);
  • 16/256 GB – 999 € (approximately 91.3 thousand rubles);
  • 18/512 GB – 1099 € (approximately 100.4 thousand rubles).

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