The UK’s West Midlands police accidentally discovered an illegal bitcoin mining farm that was originally thought to be a marijuana farm. A police raid on an industrial facility that was mining cryptocurrency was carried out using a drug warrant.

Police did not say who was mining the cryptocurrency, but the Daily Mail received information from an anonymous source that “three Englishmen” who looked “a little nervous” regularly came to the site for about eight months.

In a statement, Sandwell Police Sgt. Jennifer Griffin said the mining site had all the hallmarks of a marijuana farm. She said that while mining the cryptocurrency itself is not illegal in the country, the process was carried out using stolen electricity that cost Western Power thousands of pounds.

Police mistook illegal bitcoin farm for drug plantation

The equipment found at the site was seized in accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act. No arrests have been made, but the police will inquire with the property owner to try to identify those involved.

In May alone, Bitcoin fell by almost 40%. As noted by Reuters, if the trend continues, then this month will be the worst month for Bitcoin since September 2011.

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