Pokemon Go has become a worldwide sensation that almost everyone knows about. Even those not quite familiar with the Pokémon franchise may even recognize its actual mascot, Pikachu. However, few can recognize one thing that has remained consistent throughout the game’s iterations – the iconic red and white Poké Ball. Official copies of the Poké Ball will soon be available for collectors to purchase but cannot be dropped.

Pokemon create a Pokeball replica, but cannot be dropped

Weighing 297g and a die-cast zinc body, this ball is definitely not for throwing, however much you want to. The ball doesn’t even reveal itself like a real Pokeball, but at least there are some tricks in it that will make it more than just an object to watch.

Pokemon create a Pokeball replica, but cannot be dropped

Cast Poké Ball replicas come with a metal display case (actually ABS plastic) that lights up when you open the lid, painting the Poké Ball’s bottom any color you choose. Yes, there are actually several colors to choose from, and there is even a guide in the package to show you how to switch between the options available.

Perhaps more interesting light will come from the Poké Ball itself, triggered by a proximity sensor. The closer your hand is, the brighter the light becomes. Holding both halves in hand, it shines brightest.


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