Hello everyone! This is a fresh piece of news from the gaming industry of the past week. Also here you will find a couple of trailers and games coming out next week.

What happened?

Pocket Steam

After a string of rumors, Valve announced their portable Steam Deck. Moreover, Valve itself believes that it is more of a pocket PC: the device runs on SteamOS 3.0, but if you wish, you can install Windows there and attach a keyboard and mouse. The IGN editor played Control, Death Stranding and Doom Eternal on the Steam Deck and assures that in two days the device did not freeze, crash or heat up.

Of course, the portable Steam Deck has some trade-offs: the screen here is 7 inches with a resolution of 720p, the battery lasts from 2 to 8 hours (depending on the load), and the device weighs almost 700 grams. Still, having your entire Steam library on a small device is cool, and you don’t have to pay Nintendo extra for indie games that cost pennies on Steam compared to the eShop. The cheapest Steam Deck will cost $ 399 and will be on sale in December, but in a very limited number of countries. In Russia (officially), most likely, it will appear only in 2022.

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World War II in Italy

SEGA and Relic Entertainment have announced Company of Heroes 3 – a new part of the WWII strategy game. This time they will be allowed to fight in the Mediterranean: Italy, Southern France, North Africa. In the storyline campaign, you have to save Italy, controlling not only the infantry troops, but also the fleet with aviation, and your actions can change the course of the war.

As before, it will be a strategy with a deep focus on tactics – the developers are trying to make the game for the most dedicated fans of the series. In single-player modes, there will be an active pause so that you can think through everything and issue orders. There will also be more factions than in the second part, destructible buildings, shelters and a detailed armor system for vehicles.

The game is released at the end of 2022, but there will be many early accesses, alpha and beta tests – the developers are trying to largely consult with the players and listen to them.

Covid deposits

Several studios immediately announced the postponement of their games for 2022. First, the release date for the next year was shifted by the developers of the shareware Just Cause: Mobile. Further, the cooperative shooter Warhammer 40,000: Darktide from the authors of Vermintide and the mystical GhostWire: Tokyo from the father of the Resident Evil series are also moving to 2022. The multiplayer mode Resident Evil Re: Verse, which was supposed to be released with Resident Evil Village and then moved to July, will now see the light only next year. Like Rainbow Six Extraction, which will only be released in January 2022.

Little things

The hacker Empress found out that the unpleasant slowdowns of Resident Evil Village were caused by Denuvo’s defense and removed it in the “pirated version” of the game. One of the authors of the Digital Foundry resource (which specializes in the performance of various games) conducted his own investigation and found out that the “pirated version” of Resident Evil Village really works much better than the licensed one. After such a fuss, Capcom hastened to release a statement that the corporation is investigating the problem and will soon release a patch.

Electronic Arts just announced FIFA 22 and immediately managed to disappoint the players. The new part will add HyperMotion technology, which will generate animations based on machine learning, which will add even more realism to the visual component. But only owners of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will see this technology – boyars with powerful PCs can relax.

The second unpleasant moment – it will be possible to upgrade from pastgen to nextgen only in the Ultimate version of the game. Based on the cost of 7499 rubles for the PlayStation and $ 99.99 for the Xbox, it turns out that Electronic Arts is asking for about 2000 rubles and $ 40 for the nextgen upgrade.

The game World War 3, which was withdrawn from sales in 2020, has shown signs of life: Studio The Farm 51, supported by MY.GAMES, released a trailer, where it announced the upcoming improvements. Recall that World War 3 is a massive multiplayer first-person shooter inspired by Battlefield. Unfortunately, after entering Early Access, the game did not really appeal to the players and it was removed from Steam for rework, but the servers were not turned off.

Now the developers promise that they have reworked, improved and updated a lot: shooting, aiming, interface, balance, maps, customization and a lot more. But the date of the return of World War 3 to the store has not been announced.

What was shown?

SpongeBob vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Death’s Door gameplay:

Evil Genius 2 Pyro Expansion from Team Fortress 2:

What to play?

July 20

Mini Motorways (PC) – a cute minimalist strategy game about building roads and highways. Watch the traffic and try to satisfy the needs of colorful cars for quick access to colorful houses. Very simple design, very nice execution and addictive gameplay. And the game is already available in Apple Arcade.

Death’s Door (PC, Xbox) – dynamic isometric action game about a crow who must find a stolen soul. The thief hid in the land, not subject to death, you have to find him and return the soul back. Along the way, you will reveal many secrets and get acquainted with the structure of this mysterious world. In terms of gameplay, you will have to fight a lot, jump and dodge a variety of enemies.

July 23

Orcs Must Die! 3 (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) – protect the castle from waves of orcs. You have at your disposal a hero who can shoot, and a huge variety of traps, because to stop such a horde of orcs, one crossbow will not be enough. Team up with friends in co-op and don’t miss a single green-skinned enemy.

That’s all, see you next week!

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