The shortage in the semiconductor market and everything connected with it smoothly rolled to the consoles of the last generation. In fact, by accident, a source discovered that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are missing from virtually all major US retail chains.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also in short supply.  There are almost no STBs on sale, and prices have gone up a lot

Moreover, where there are consoles, they are now significantly more expensive. For example, Walmart for a PlayStation 4 Slim with a 1TB drive and no games included, forgive $ 427 at a suggested price of $ 300. Also, the DualShok 4 controllers have risen in price and partially disappeared from sale.

Apparently, the situation is completely identical in the Russian market, where the PlayStation 4 is still sold in general only in small stores. On the neighboring Ukrainian market, PS4 Slim is still available from official sellers at a price of about $ 400.

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