The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller works with Android smartphones from the get-go. However, soon such a bundle will be more functional.

Playing Android games on DualSense will be more enjoyable.  Support for new controller functions will appear

A new Linux kernel driver (which will feature functionality in Android) adds support for various DualSense controller features and controls. In particular, we are talking about LEDs, motion sensors, touchpad, battery charge and vibration sensor. Moreover, the driver will allow Android applications to separately control the right and left voice coil drives, which are responsible for vibration and tactile feedback in the gamepad.

Of course, with Android games, the gamepad will not work the same as with the PlayStation 5, but the driver will allow them to control the vibration intensity. Of course, developers will have to add support for new features to their games, but at least in top projects this should be expected.

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