The amazing New Balance 327 sneaker, designed in collaboration with Pensole College of Shoe Design, kicks off tomorrow, December 4th.

I have said more than once that the new 327 is wonderful: the interesting transition from the sole to the heel with a distinct tread in a circle looks great. The outsole itself extends beyond the foot and looks great. In general, a cool couple turned out.

Working together with Pensole is no worse: a navy blue nylon base with a pink insert and a turquoise suede front. Embroidered New Balance logo.

Of course, sneakers for the Russian winter will not fit in any way, even from the car to the office it will be uncomfortable to run to the office, not to mention the walks and trips to the store. But what prevents you from buying a pair in anticipation of spring and summer? Visit the New Balance official website tomorrow and cook $100.

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