Apple has changed the concept of iCloud cloud storage. Now called iCloud +, it is a subscription and provides additional privacy options.


Apple doesn’t say this directly, but the new Private Relay feature is essentially a VPN service built into the iPhone. Here’s what the company says about it:

Private Relay encrypts all outgoing traffic in Safari so that it cannot be intercepted and decrypted, even by Apple or the carrier. All user requests are then routed through two stand-alone IRC servers. The first assigns the user an anonymous IP address that matches the region where he is located, but does not reveal the exact location. The second decrypts the required Internet address and redirects the user to the site.


The question arises as to how this will work on the territory of Russia: our authorities do not like such things. And support is announced. Unlike from Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus, China, Egypt, Colombia, Uganda, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Hide e-mail

IOS 14 introduced the “Sign in with Apple ID” feature, where iCloud could create a false e-mail address to register with various services. In this case, the services do not receive any information about you, and important emails are redirected to your mailbox, to which your Apple ID is linked.

Now the user can control and manage these addresses by deleting unnecessary ones. That is, at any time you can prevent the service from contacting you without any participation from this service.


Videos captured by surveillance cameras connected to HomeKit are encrypted to the servers. Neither Apple nor anyone else has access to them.

At the same time, videos from such cameras do not take up space in your iCloud.

Other functions

The user can now share his location with the application once. After that, the location data will not go to the app.

Safe copying will not allow information from the clipboard to go anywhere until the moment of pasting. Previously, applications could access the clipboard, but now it will be inactive.


Despite the appearance of new features, the cost of iCloud + remained unchanged:

  • 50 GB – 59 rubles;
  • 200 GB – 149 rubles;
  • 2 TB (with the ability to share storage space with the family) – 599 rubles.

The feature is available on iOS 15 from the first beta.

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