On the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, a description of a very curious OPPO smartphone has appeared. This is a device equipped with a modular main camera.


As conceived by the Chinese developer, users will be able to remove the rear camera unit and use it for selfies and organize videotelephony. To do this, the module can be connected to a USB Type-C port and positioned at a convenient angle using a special swivel connector.

The illustrations show that the unit contains two optical components with image sensors as well as a flash. Of course, other configurations will be possible – say, with three or four sensors.


The patent says that the removable unit can be endowed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless controllers, an NFC chip, and its own battery. This will allow you to use it at a distance from your smartphone and even with other devices, such as a laptop.

Finally, it is noted that the proposed design solution will allow owners to use different camera units. The modular design will also facilitate repairs in the event of a camera failure – the owner only needs to install a new unit.

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