Sources say South Korean smartphone maker Samsung is in talks with Japanese camera maker Olympus on a collaboration that will allow Olympus to manufacture a camera module for future Samsung smartphones.

Olympus, founded in 1919, has a rich history and is one of the leading manufacturers of optics, photographic equipment and high quality optical equipment. Samsung manufactures image sensors, but the company, according to the sources, decided to seek help from specialists with great experience.

Olympus cameras will appear in Samsung smartphones.  The first could be the Galaxy S22

If the partnership is confirmed, Samsung will join a growing list of smartphone manufacturers who have turned to big name brands for help. The list includes Huawei, OnePlus and Vivo, which have partnered with Leica, Hasselblad and Zeiss, respectively.

Samsung is striving to significantly improve the quality of cameras in its smartphones. The source adds that negotiations between Olympus and Samsung are progressing as planned. The partnership could lead to an Olympus camera as early as the Samsung Galaxy S22, which is expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2022.

Neither Samsung nor Olympus have made an official statement on this yet.

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