The Nvidia RTX Voice app was introduced a year ago. It uses video cards to filter out noise in voice and video calls.

Despite the name, the software had nothing to do with ray tracing, but it still required GeForce RTX adapters.

Nvidia's unique RTX Voice app is now available even for older GeForce graphics cards

The source found that RTX Voice now works with all modern and not so GeForce graphics cards. Adapters are supported, starting with the GeForce GTX 600 line. True, if in the same RTX 2060, activation of RTX Voice led to a decrease in performance by 5-10%, then on older cards, this figure can be significantly higher.

An Nvidia spokesman commented on the situation, saying that regular GeForce GTX was added to the RTX Voice support list a few months ago, along with the announcement of RTX Broadcast software.

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