Nvidia has partnered with Valve to make Linux gaming more enjoyable. Nvidia said it is partnering with Valve and the gaming community to bring its DLSS technology to Linux via Steam Proton.

As a reminder, Proton is an open source tool designed for use by the Steam client. Proton allows Windows games to run within Linux. At the moment, the tool is built into the beta version of the Steam client for Linux.

Nvidia DLSS will speed up Windows games running on Linux via Steam

As for DLSS, the technology will increase the performance of games launched through Proton. Of course, for this you will need to have a GeForce RTX graphics card with tensor cores.

At the same time, there are not many details so far, but it seems that this is not about Linux gamers being able to activate DLSS in the same games that support this technology under Windows. Looks like DLSS will speed up any games launched with Proton.

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