One of the most memorable elements of the legendary Mission: Impossible spy franchise is the heroes wearing super-realistic masks, with which they transform into other people. And now such an opportunity has appeared not only for Tom Cruise and his comrades but also for anyone who wishes.

Well, almost anyone – anyone who is willing to spend $ 940 on it, or about 70,000 rubles at the current exchange rate. Shuhei Okawara, who launched such an unusual service in his shop of products for parties and holidays, located in the capital of Japan, the city of Tokyo, will ask you that much for a super-realistic mask of a stranger’s face.

Three-dimensional masks completely cover the face and allow you to try on someone else’s personality literally. They are produced using a 3D printer. To obtain such a mask, the customer only needs to send a few photographs, based on which it will be possible to make an exact virtual copy. In the meantime, Russian voice assistant Alice has learned to dispense original toasts.

Source: South China Morning Post

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