The ability to create chats, conduct business correspondence, exchange documents, videos and photos have made instant messengers an integral part of human life. Thanks to them, it is easy to cope with the multitasking that the modern world dictates: you can give a task to subordinates, check the lessons from the child, find out how the parents are doing, read the latest news and immediately discuss them with friends in the chat.

Most popular messengers

In 1996, four high school students from Tel Aviv created the ICQ instant messenger. From this moment on, instant messengers are only gaining popularity. According to the latest data, WhatsApp is the most popular application available for the mass user, with more than two billion users.

In the top five, Messenger from Facebook is also in the top five, with an audience of over a billion people. There are applications that are massively used by residents of one specific country: WeChat is popular in China, Line is popular in Japan, Imo is in Uzbekistan, and Kakaotalk is in South Korea.

What can almost any messenger do?

All messengers have a standard set of functions. Among them – sending free messages that you can decorate with stickers. For the first time, stickers appeared in Japanese Line, and now applications offer users to create their own pictures and animations for communication.

Everyday life can no longer be imagined without transferring files: this is already the same standard function as sending text messages. Also, in all messengers, the creation of group chats is available. And WhatsApp even has additional functions for them: individual wallpapers, setting up separate notifications for each group, calling all chat participants at once.

In addition, you can make an audio or video call through almost all popular communication programs. Viber, for example, offers the ability to transfer a call to a laptop directly during a conversation.

Audio messages are gaining popularity in which you can record a short text or a detailed report on the work done. Voice messages appeared on Facebook Messenger in 2013 – since then, many users have completely switched to communicating through them.

Following the voice messages, video chats came to messengers, for example, a cheerful birthday greeting, instructions for work, an excursion from vacation for relatives. But video conversations with several participants are not available in all messengers and are limited by the number of users: for example, in WhatsApp it is 8 people, in Viber – only 5. Only in Gem4me there is a free video conferencing function in which you can reach a thousand people.

The creation of channels is gaining more and more popularity. Many media outlets and companies create their own channels to distribute information within the messenger. Well-known politicians, artists, doctors and coaches also have their own news chats. The simplest process of creating channels is implemented in Telegram.

What else can messengers do?

Developers are constantly improving their IT products. In the struggle for leadership, new functions are being introduced into them.

Your store in chat

Billions of people spend a significant portion of their time on instant messengers, and online store promotions are gaining in popularity. This gives a lot of advantages in the field of sales: the ability to call anywhere in the world, be always in touch with customers, exchange photos.

Through applications for communication, it is easy to determine the target audience for a specific product. You can create an information channel in which messages about promotions and news will be published, or you can create a selling channel that looks like a mini-store with photos and descriptions of your product, information on payment and delivery methods.

For example, the Gem4me developers decided to combine all these messenger capabilities and created their own free trading platform MarketSpace, where you can create stores and post private ads. It is also easy to promote the services of private entrepreneurs through this system, for example, tutors or event organizers.

Ability to format text

Few people know that the text formatting function is in all popular applications: in the chat you can change the font to italic or bold, cross out the text or put a link directly in the message text.

For more information on how formatting works, we talked about the example of WhatsApp.


Another useful feature is the translator bot. In the modern world, communication with a person on the other side of the world is already the norm, but the language barrier can make communication difficult. This issue is now easily resolved with the help of an automatic translator. There is such one in Gem4me – with it you can translate text locally or make messages processed automatically.

Chat bots

Some developers have gone further and have given their users the ability to create chat bots: they can accept payments or process orders, they are used to build auto sales funnels and send marketing messages. Even if you do not have programming skills, using a special online constructor, you can create the desired chatbot yourself, for example, in Telegram.

Sending geolocation in messengers

Agree to meet up with friends, but can’t find each other on the street? Want to make sure your child is following the correct route? Don’t like to explain for a long time where you are? In modern messengers, you can send your geolocation from your smartphone. If you are moving, you can broadcast your location on the map for a certain time, as well as track the movement of the interlocutor online.

Also, every smartphone should have a good photo editing application and video editor. And for entertainment, you can install an analogue of TikTok with short videos.

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