Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nokia has completed a patent battle with China’s Lenovo Group, the world’s largest PC manufacturer. The parties announced today that they would resolve all pending litigation in all jurisdictions.

Although the terms of the mutual licensing agreement and its financial side remain confidential, Nokia says the balance is in its favour.

Nokia launched legal action against Lenovo in 2019, accusing the Chinese manufacturer of infringing 20 patents on video compression technology. Lawsuits have been filed in the United States, Brazil, India and Germany.

Last September, a Munich court ruled in Nokia’s favour, finding that Lenovo had infringed a patent. He ordered the withdrawal of patent infringed products from retail. However, already in November, the ruling was overturned by the appellate court.

“This global agreement will enable our companies to work together for the benefit of customers around the world,” said John Mulgrew, director of intellectual property at Lenovo.

Nokia’s patent portfolio includes approximately 20,000 families, including over 3,500 patent families identified as essential for the 5G standard.

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