Yesterday it became known that Sony will raise prices for PlayStation 5 consoles in Russia by 3000 rubles from tomorrow.

No, Microsoft will not yet raise prices for its consoles in Russia, as Sony did.

This is due to the change in the ruble exchange rate, and one would think that Microsoft consoles would also rise in price. But that won’t happen.

The company said to a source that it has no plans to raise prices for Xbox Series consoles yet. Microsoft has not said anything about future price changes, but for now intends to focus on accelerating shipments of new consoles, rather than raising prices. That is, the Xbox Series S will still cost 27,000 rubles, and the same 45,600 rubles will be asked for the Xbox Series X. However, this does not mean that in a couple of months Microsoft will not follow in the footsteps of a competitor.

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