Research agency Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has published study sales of the USA’s new iPhone’s market.

According to the data the agency receives from real buyers, the new iPhone 12 line has become very popular among them. The entire line, shown in October, took 76% of the iPhone market:

Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners

The new line is selling better than the iPhone 11 – 76% versus 69% a year earlier in percentage terms. However, which of the lines sells better in quantitative terms, CIRP does not specify.

2020 is interesting for another factor: three models in iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max occupied approximately the same percentage. Yes, the iPhone 12 sells better than other models in the US (according to CIRP, it’s 27%), but this gap is not as large as, for example, last year’s result. The iPhone 11 took 39% of the market for new iPhones, while the share of 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max was approximately 14 and 15%.

A more even distribution of sales indicates that Apple can get more money from the sale of expensive models – the cheaper one does not pull the blanket over itself.

The small iPhone 12 mini lags far behind its counterparts: it accounted for about 6% of iPhones sold. However, it’s hard to say how disappointing these numbers are for Apple since we don’t know what sales the company was expecting. The only thing we know is that sales of the iPhone 12 Pro were unexpectedly high because Apple thought that the regular iPhone 12 would become the leader:

Apple’s miscalculation regarding the demand for the first two models of “twins” is indirectly evidenced by the iPhone 12 Pro shortage and how easy it was to buy a regular iPhone 12 in the first days of sales in any version.

According to CIPR, the iPhone 12 mini’s unimpressive results were due to the availability of cheaper models in the form of the iPhone XR, iPhone SE, and iPhone 11 – they say they seem more attractive to buyers because of the price. Therefore, I suppose it is worth waiting for a rise in sales after the first price drop. But here’s the main question: will it take place, or will Apple “kill” the iPhone 12 mini this fall, clearing the way for the iPhone 13 mini?

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