This week, online and offline retailers in China have abruptly removed many imported game consoles from their catalogues and off the shelves, including the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. This was reported by the South China Morning Post.

Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox disappeared from Chinese stores and online retailers

The reason was the unfolded anti-smuggling campaign. The set-top boxes began to disappear after “dozens” of arrests in the coming week. Gamers in China often turned to the gray market to access games not officially sold in the country.

The National Anti-Smuggling Bureau announced on Friday on its official Weibo that the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department has arrested 54 illegal importers and seized 78 million yuan ($ 11.9 million) of contraband Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles. ).

The report said the total value of goods smuggled since 2018 was 3.38 billion yuan ($ 515 billion).

After the arrests, consoles began to rapidly disappear from the shelves of both offline and online stores. Including many offers of consoles and games disappeared from the largest Chinese platform Taobao.

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