At the last event, Nintendo never unveiled a new game console, and now its announcement is expected at the E3 2021 exhibition, which starts on June 12.

And while Switch Pro (the name is tentative) has not yet been presented, a new piece of data about the device has appeared on the Web.

Nintendo Switch Pro performance will be enough for 120fps at 720p, but games will be adapted for 60fps

So, the source claims that the GPU in the platform of the new set-top box will operate at a frequency of almost 1 GHz. For comparison, the current set-top box is 768 MHz. In handheld mode, the performance will be enough to deliver 120fps at 720p, but Nintendo will likely stop at 60fps at the same resolution. This is easy to believe, given the parameters assigned to the console. It also hints that the screen resolution will remain at 720p, which will have a positive effect on performance and autonomy.

In stationary mode, the performance will already be sufficient for gaming at 1440p. More precisely, the prefix will be optimized for this resolution.

Also, allegedly, some developers have already received kits with prefixes.

Interestingly, the source says that Nintendo experimented with the AMD platform as the basis for a new set-top box, but still reverted to Nvidia’s solution.

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