The best-selling console in history is the PlayStation 2, which has sold over 157 million units worldwide. And the Nintendo Switch is catching up with the cult Sony console, although so far only in its home market.

Nintendo Switch has almost caught up with the PlayStation 2 in its home market.  Console sales are very close

In Japan, 21.4 million PlayStation 2 were sold all the time, and the Switch, launched in 2017, has already crossed the 20 million mark. That is, there is no need to be an analyst to understand that the Switch will bypass PS2 very soon. True, this will not make the current Nintendo console the best-selling console in the history of the Japanese market, since there is still Nintendo 3DS ahead with 25 million units sold, as well as Game Boy and Game Boy Color with 32 and 33 million, respectively. Whether the Switch will be able to get to these values, only time will tell.

As for the global market, here Switch is still significantly behind the PlayStation 2: 84 million versus 157.7 million.

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