One of the world’s leading manufacturers of photographic equipment, the Japanese company Nikon, has officially ended the era of film photography by announcing the termination of production of the Nikon F6 camera. This model has introduced sixteen years ago and became the brand’s last camera to work with 35mm film.

The camera was repeatedly recognized as one of the best representatives of the class. Even its body was a kind of work of industrial art. Its design was developed within the Italian studio GIUGIARO walls – the same one that worked on the appearance of high-speed and costly cars, including Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Ferrari, and Maserati.

The Nikon F6 autofocus system was built based on the MultiCAM-2000 module borrowed from the digital model D2H and is equipped with 11 focusing zones, 9 of which are based on cross-type sensors. In 2015, the Japan Institute for the Promotion and Development of Industrial Design even awarded the camera a special Good Design Long Life Design Award.

Meanwhile, Razer launched the Tomahawk Gaming Desktop modular gaming computer.

Source: Nikon


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